Gerard Depardieu – Who and how to gets a Russian citizenship

Who gets a Russian citizenship? Much better questions: ” Who needs a Russian citizenship?”

French President Francois Hollande plans to raise the tax on earned income above 1 million euro (1.3 million dollar) to 75 percent from the current 41 percent, while Russia has a flat 13-percent tax rate.

One of the big news is definitely French actor Gerard Depardieu,  who wants to save his money. “Putin grants Russian citizenship to Gerard Depardieu, heightening fight over super-tax.”

Gerard Depardieu
Gerard Depardieu (photo: voici)

Therefore, the reason for citizenship by looking Gerard Depardieu is definitely much more humane than search citizenship of people with criminal history or a political asylum seekers.

How to gets a Russian citizenship?

Simple. Be a big star.

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